Hygiene means everything to Kamtix Cleaners. Get your living and working spaces sparkly clean with our tailor-made services.

Commercial Cleaning

No matter the type of commercial space, we have you covered.

Cleaning services across a wide variety of commercial spaces: state pavillions, offices, learning institutions, banks, airports, hospitals, hotels restaurants, public toilets, football grounds and parks.

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Domestic Cleaning

Trusted cleaning services for your residential spaces.

From Carpets to, Sofas, Curtains, Kitchen, Bathrooms and Floors, Kamtix Cleaners offers tailor-made comprehensive cleaning services for your residential spaces.

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Covid-19 Decontamination

Get rid of viruses and bacteria with our deep cleaning and decontamination services.

A hands-on approach that disinfects and kills Covid-19 viruses and other germs on high-touch and hard surfaces.

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High Level Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning for Low and High Levels.

Kamtix Cleaners provides window cleaning services for both internal and external glass at both hand height and high level, using experienced window cleaning teams and special equipment.

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Car Cleaning

We got the equipment and expertise to clean all areas of your car.

Whether its car seat cleaning, odor removal, full interior cleaning or a spillage removal, Kamtix Cleaners offer a service that is unrivaled, and tailor-made to your vehicle.

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Fumigation and Pest Control

Pest problem? We'll deal with them, safely, quickly, and efficiently.

We are experts in dealing will nuisance pests, safely, quickly, and efficiently. All types of pests; rats, mics, cockroaches, bees, bugs, mosquitoes, and more.

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Landscaping and Gardening

Kamtix brings out the beauty of your lavish landscape.

Our landscape and garden maintenance including fencing, patios, lawn mowing, planting, hedge trimming and other garden maintenance services.

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Garbage Collection and Waste Management

Waste management services for your commercial and residential spaces.

We provide garbage collections, waste disposals and other waste management services such us waste containers.

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Sanitary and Washroom Solutions

Most hygienic solutions for your washrooms.

Supply and installation of washroom hygienic solutions such as pedal bins, dispensers, paper rolls, sanitizers and other consumables.

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